Factors affecting national integration in india

Unfortunately, the caste system has been recognized by the framers of the Constitution by providing a protective discrimination to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.

Police-torture should be called to a halt. India is a multi- religious land. A more problematic impact could be that employment growth is held back during the recovery.

Problems of National Integration in India – Essay

Each regional differs from the other in one or other ways which leads to disintegration of the country. As a youth, we are the future of our country so we should fully understand our responsibility towards our nation and do all the required activities needed for the national integration.

Education can become a very powerful instrument or national unity provided that it is used in the right manner. Simultaneously, the Seventh Amendment to the Constitution removed the distinction between Factors affecting national integration in india A and Part B states, both of which were now treated only as "states", with Part C states being renamed " union territories ".

Rajagopalachariargued that as paramountcy "came into being as a fact and not by agreement", it would necessarily pass to the government of independent India, as the successor of the British.

The States Department accepted his suggestion, and implemented it through a special covenant signed by the rajpramukhs of the merged princely unions, binding them to act as constitutional monarchs. Ethnonationalism is a phenomenon of political movement launched on the basis of ethnic identity.

Quite in line with the traditional bonds of unity, the Indian State in post-Independence era has rightly opted for a composite culture model of national unity rather than a uniform culture model.

A sign showing distances to cities all over the world is seen outside City Hall in San Bernardino, California January 23, Each group tries to maximize its best advantage.

Ethically, national integration; suggests the sanctity of the changing value system of the people of a country. In the words of A. But now casteism has segregated the society.

6 important problems of National Integration found in India

They must be told that India is one and united despite diversity. This was developed in the past on the basis of division of labour in the society.

6 important problems of National Integration found in India

National Integration Essay 2 words National integration is of great importance in India to enhance the individual level development in this country and make it a strong country.

The rulers of two states that were subject to the suzerainty of Junagadh— Mangrol and Babariawad —reacted to this by declaring their independence from Junagadh and acceding to India.

People of one region compete with the person of other regions which leads to conflict and riots. Menon that the integration of the princely states into independent India would, to some extent, assuage the wounds of partition. Europe needs to step up its ability to deal with emerging security issues, although that is an unlikely outcome without leadership from the USA.

Two key documents were produced. Any religious community should not do anything bad which is banned or prohibited in other religious community. The Maharaja of BhavnagarCol. The potential for accelerated productivity growth out of the broad technology-driven shift that is now taking place should also keep cost pressure under control.

In addition, Daesh will face a stronger counter insurgency efforts during Multi-linguism is one of the important characters of India. The latter two were respectively the political and administrative heads of the States Departmentwhich was in charge of relations with the princely states.

Regional political parties formed on the basis of linguism at times form the Government. While some princely states such as Mysore had legislative systems of governance that were based on a broad franchise and not significantly different from those of British India, [91] in others, political decision-making took place in small, limited aristocratic circles and governance was, as a result, at best paternalistic and at worst the result of courtly intrigue.

The Nawab agreed, and did not renege over the deal.Factors Affecting National Integration. National Integration: A myth or reality The integrity of any nation invariably depends on the integrity of its aojiru-repo.com all, it is the individuals who constitute society or a nation.

Society or nation minus individuals is nothing. The individual is a.

Political integration of India

Dec 04,  · national integration can never be achieved in our country with such diversity as are aojiru-repo.com issue raised by you can form the basis for an academic to do a doctoral aojiru-repo.com and above all these factors,doStatus: Resolved. Factors Affecting National Integration in India Though we proudly say that India is a land of unity among diversity, we do know that this is not completely true.

Even as the Indian government is making attempts to ensure national integration, it often falls short. India is a country with innumerable diversities, an entity composed of many communities, races classes, languages and sub­cultures. In any such nation, there are many obstacles to the achievement of 5/5(1).

Read this comprehensive essay on the various problems of national integration in India! India is a country of immense diversity. Race, language, religion and. National Integration and Cohesion National integration is a process of achieving national cohesion, stability, prosperity, strength, and feelings of being united as .

Factors affecting national integration in india
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